Alice Severin is the author of Access All Areas, Access Restricted, and the last book in the trilogy, Access Unlimited.  The adventures of Tristan and Lily continue to find a following.

Alice has been many things, to some people, and no one in particular. Lots of different jobs has meant different points of view to listen to. For now, Alice is based in NYC, where she has been lucky enough to interview some of the most intriguing musicians in the business and review new music. 

Recent events in the US and elsewhere have meant a change of focus and concern. If you aren’t paying attention, please start.

Will there be another book? Why yes. Nearly complete, the next book should be out winter 2018.

You can follow her on Twitter – @aliceseverin, on the web at aliceseverin.com, or on Facebook – AuthorAliceSeverin.

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