Soho – the original – and sex toys

An article in the Guardian quotes a pub owner/former dancer in Soho as saying something to the effect of that Soho has always been a place where people could be themselves – from gay men holding hands, now to women buying sex toys. That’s an interesting idea. Women unable to be themselves, due to… Continue reading Soho – the original – and sex toys

The Jarv

If you do nothing else today, watch this. This Is Hardcore – Live on Jools Holland Amazing amazing amazing. “This…is the eye of the storm…”

Access All Areas

Yes, yes, yes! It’s nearly complete. 50 shades of oh so much more. I’m glad everyone is enjoying reading about sex. Let’s see what you all have to say about this when it’s released. Details soon.   And I will post the first chapter here. Just because. I don’t know about you, but I’ll read… Continue reading Access All Areas

Edit edit edit.

And it’s nearly ready. New Moon on the rise, Solstice approaching, it’s a good time.


One astrologer says this is going to be a roller coaster week. I hope it’s a good ride. SILVERLINK out now.


No, not the guitarist. But the lovely combination of two interesting men, with an interest in each other… Thank you Star Trek. So much more than just a breakfast cereal… ? //////////////////////////////   If you like this kind of thing, you might want to read “Silverlink”

“Bedroom Geniuses Time To Take Over The World”

Multiplying on top of each other, the vast and wide amusement from listening to everyone scramble. Don’t you get it? The new advance guard is scaring the ones who thought they’d be there to welcome and help. And then every so often, every so many, you see the transcendent light in the eyes of someone… Continue reading “Bedroom Geniuses Time To Take Over The World”


Dark Twin (the_dark_twin) wrote in starcrossedmoon, @ 2005–02–22 22:47:00 Dark Twin (the_dark_twin) wrote in starcrossedmoon, REC: “The Alley”, by Severin (NC-17) Title: “The Alley” Author: Severin (severinstir) Rating: NC-17 Summary: Power, solitude, and memory. Why I recommend it: A short but intense look at the state of mind of post-Halloween 1981 Remus Lupin – a mind that’s a world of its own where… Continue reading Recs

Brave new world…

Good morning readers, and welcome to nearly spring… …and nearly time for the launch of some new writing. I’ll be posting some short stories, and keeping you updated on the ebook release of Access All Areas, the first novel of a series about love, obsession, and what happens when you are pushed past your boundaries…… Continue reading Brave new world…