Stromboli This is why you don’t read the preface, or worse, the introduction, first. It’s useful if you’re a student trying to grasp on immediately to what the conventional wisdom is about something, trying to pass a course. Dig in to what they expect you to know. On one level, so sensible. But for making… Continue reading Stromboli

Rainbow Laces

Rainbow Laces This morning I was happy to see prominent football players, captains, wearing the rainbow armband and speaking out for LGBTQ+ rights. How far we’ve come, I thought, even now when the shadow of xenophobia and fascism is ever-present. They aren’t ashamed to speak out. Things can change. However, while there was an interview… Continue reading Rainbow Laces

Touch Memory

Gabriel and Jabier. What they can never tell anyone. What they can only tell each other. Discover their story. At this level, they have an image to maintain. Fans to please, managers to placate, owners and sponsors to convince. For some, it’s the perks that come with the new lifestyle that they need to keep… Continue reading Touch Memory