1. Hello, I see that there will be a third book. Please give us an idea of when you might get that finished and out to us. Thank you.

  2. Will your books be coming out in audio format anytime???
    I’m an audiobook junkie and am waiting patiently watching to see if they will.
    Please let it be soon!!!


    1. Hi! That’s an interesting idea. I’m going to look into it and see if that’s something I can do. I will keep you posted! Thanks!! Alice x

  3. hi alice would just like to say really enjoyed both books and wonder if there is more to come hope so and are you on facebook so i could keep up dated on other books and more thank you so much
    liz xxxx

    1. Hi Liz! Thank you so much! Very glad you enjoyed the books. There will be a book three, but not quite yet! I do have a Facebook page and one for each of the books. If you’re reading on mobile device, there are links right down at the bottom – otherwise just search FB. Twitter as well!
      Take care and stay warm! Alice

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