Touch Memory

Gabriel and Jabier. What they can never tell anyone. What they can only tell each other. Discover their story. At this level, they have an image to maintain. Fans to please, managers to placate, owners and sponsors to convince. For some, it’s the perks that come with the new lifestyle that they need to keep… Continue reading Touch Memory

New or…old?

Spring renews. Some things come as a surprise. Still holding the force they always did. New book is out in the world, gently. Should be available to all in the next couple of weeks. This song made me laugh. It’s so perfect for the book… So I’m packing my bags for the misty mountains over… Continue reading New or…old?


Paris. Where it all began. Literally. For me. Another home. I pay tribute to the courage and resilience of her multi-cultural, philosophical, beautiful people who have always been kind to me and my family, where I might be living right now but for a turn of the wheel. Beyond saddened by these nightmarish realities that we all must… Continue reading Paris

Drenge in New York City

Drenge - Eoin and Rory Loveless

Drenge in NYC Live review – January 29 and 30, 2015 Like all things great, it comes out of nowhere and blasts your expectations to dust. Two tall, good looking guys in plaid and t-shirts, now accompanied by their new bassist, head up to the stage. You could call it another round of the epic… Continue reading Drenge in New York City

Happy New Year and Book Update!

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope 2015 brings us all the space to forget fear, find new connections, and explore our own unique paths. Much love to all of you. It’s a grey day in NYC, but the conversations on the street speak of hope and any attempt to go a different… Continue reading Happy New Year and Book Update!