End of Winter, Ostara, Spring Equinox

Otherwise known as the new season of spring. Here it is, the first day of spring. The Equinox. The halfway point between there and there, winter and summer, cold and hot, light and dark. It looks nice out. We are supposed to feel happy. They say it is important to get outside. That’s probably true.… Continue reading End of Winter, Ostara, Spring Equinox

Happy New Year and the end of a decade

Happy solstice, holidays, and soon to be new decade. I’m not sure where the old one got to, but it’s been a long, strange trip – wasn’t that The Grateful Dead? Anyway, the new book is now out on other platforms if the big internet behemoth didn’t take your fancy. If you haven’t heard of… Continue reading Happy New Year and the end of a decade

On finishing some writing

waiting for the ferry

“Let us never cease from thinking—what is this ‘civilisation’ in which we find ourselves? What are these ceremonies and why should we take part in them? What are these professions and why should we make money out of them?”— From her anti-war essay “Three Guineas” (1938) Virginia Woolf “I have a deeply hidden and inarticulate desire for… Continue reading On finishing some writing

Write, resist, repeat

Hello everyone Hola todos Salut à tous in every language, to everyone. Now as we watch with horror how easy it turned out to be to dismantle an entire system of government, take away rights, and pretend facts are partisan, speaking out is both a risk and a responsibility. Here, on this page, all are… Continue reading Write, resist, repeat