Nowhere in Two Places – the new book is now out

Nowhere in Two Places is now out worldwide. Thanks to everyone for being there. They say you can’t live a lie, but sometimes there isn’t any other choice. For Miranda, who wanted a little adventure and a little love, teaching kids in London and getting married was supposed to be the sensible path. But what… Continue reading Nowhere in Two Places – the new book is now out

Write, resist, repeat

Hello everyone Hola todos Salut à tous in every language, to everyone. Now as we watch with horror how easy it turned out to be to dismantle an entire system of government, take away rights, and pretend facts are partisan, speaking out is both a risk and a responsibility. Here, on this page, all are… Continue reading Write, resist, repeat

Will there be more books?

Hello and good evening, or good morning, or whatever wherever. A brief update. I noticed that someone out there was searching for “alice severin will there be more books”, which I thought was very kind. This is especially true considering a lot of people put out books every few months, and it’s been a year… Continue reading Will there be more books?