Laetitia Sadier Interview

Laetitia Sadier has just released her mesmerizing album Something Shines, and will be touring Europe and the UK in November and December; perfect music to accompany the late autumn mists and fogs. Autumn has always been a fertile time for revolutionary spirit as well, from Guy Fawkes to 1989 to the Occupy movements, with significant… Continue reading Laetitia Sadier Interview

Review of Something Shines – Laetitia Sadier

album cover - Something Shines

Laetitia Sadier, most well known for her presence in Stereolab, is a vocalist and musician who has always inspired respect and a sense of wonder among her fans. The new album, Something Shines, continues to offer an artistic space unlike any other. A constant theme has been the works of Guy Debord and the Situationists,… Continue reading Review of Something Shines – Laetitia Sadier

My interview with Ben Thatcher of Royal Blood

Royal Blood have definitely had an interesting summer. Number one album, UK tour sell out in two minutes, nominated for a Mercury Prize, front covers, general fame and glory, that kind of stuff. So Northern Transmissions was very pleased to be able to talk to the extremely affable Ben Thatcher about the crazy ride he’s… Continue reading My interview with Ben Thatcher of Royal Blood

King Tuff Interview

King Tuff is releasing their new album, Black Moon Spell, and Northern Transmissions got to catch up with Kyle Thomas, and find out how the magic happens. According to the Sub Pop website, “for some reason, no one can really explain how the Black Moon Spell came to be. It just appeared one day…” So… Continue reading King Tuff Interview

Climate March

Off to climate march. I hope that everyone is doing something that helps the climate. It’s shocking to me that it’s become a partisan issue in this country, as though dirt and air and birds somehow had leanings in one direction or another. It’s also surprising that after having been through Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring,… Continue reading Climate March

Books on Sale

Cheap as chips, as they say. And highly recommended by the lovely women of Totally Booked Blog. $$ TB RECOMMEND SERIES SALES ££ The ACCESS series by Alice Severin is only 99c/77p a book and we can’t recommend this rock star series highly enough! ♫ ♫Access All Areas US: UK: AU: ♫Access… Continue reading Books on Sale

Interview with Slow Magic

Speaking to the enigmatic and mysterious Slow Magic… only requires moderate vetting with just a few levels of security. Luckily, we passed, and Northern Transmissions was able to talk about the long awaited new album, How to Run Away, and find out what drives the Slow Magic project. Ranging from autobiography to animals to magic… Continue reading Interview with Slow Magic