Dinowalrus You don’t expect much on a Monday. At least I don’t. I’d read about a British band, Everything Everything, who were coming over as British bands do, to try and break America. But they sounded interesting, and my friend had bought tickets. It was cold out. The usual. I was coaxed out, with the… Continue reading Dinowalrus

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Living Your Own Life

After a sad conversation yesterday with a friend who just experienced a sudden loss, I’ve spent some time thinking about life, and what we do with it, apart from day-to-day survival. Survival can mean so many things, and if we are lucky enough to have shelter and food, we are better off than many. But… Continue reading Living Your Own Life

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Out on Nook

Happy to announce that Access All Areas is now available on the Nook. If you want to win one, let me direct you to the very wonderful Book Bellas on Facebook, who have a contest going. Facebook.com/thebookbellas If you would like a Nook version, then this is the link Access All Areas Watch for more… Continue reading Out on Nook