Celluloid flash past

Art makes you want to talk, good art makes you want to try, great art makes you want to dissolve. Think great thoughts. Do things you haven’t done. Push that little bit harder, get off the bus, and walk into that place with the dark and purple lights and the cute girl you keep seeing… Continue reading Celluloid flash past

Saving Someone’s Life

And suddenly, from the universe, comes a voice you can’t really argue with, reminding you what matters. “The musician comes first.” And a sense of humor. I’m so glad I watched this. Dave Grohl – Keynote Speech

On writing and life in general

On writing and life in general.   Looking back at something is never the same as living through the event or trying to describe it. As everything we go through in life filters into both our consciousness and our expression, it’s always interesting to take a long view and look back at events that we… Continue reading On writing and life in general

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