Access All Areas music and a favorite song

cover AccessI’ve now made a playlist of all the songs mentioned in Access All Areas for amusement and exploration. I hasten to add that this isn’t a “recommended playlist” – as in what you should listen to while reading. You should listen to whatever you like.

Having said that, I’m still going to draw your attention to one of my favorite songs – an obscure Tears for Fears track called “Always in the Past.” Featuring the triple threat of Roland Orzabal, singer, guitarist, and songwriter, it’s moody and strange, and shows off his fantastic voice. I saw one of his solo shows ages ago – it was brilliant, and he was intense.

Work, werk, whatever

Ok! Finally getting my act together here. It’s the three jobs on top of the writing – and life! A lovely reader actually offered to come and cook or do dishes or something! I love it! Thank you! Just the idea helps! Toast is healthy, right? Anyway… In other news, I have been organizing and… Continue reading Work, werk, whatever

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