Happy New Year and Book Update!

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope 2015 brings us all the space to forget fear, find new connections, and explore our own unique paths. Much love to all of you. It’s a grey day in NYC, but the conversations on the street speak of hope and any attempt to go a different way, even if it’s just trying out the new coffee shop. Another chance.

Now moving on to the next book. Did you forget? Because I didn’t. It’s coming along, and I’m hoping to have it done by spring. It’s not set in the Access world (Tristan! We still love you!) but it has some things in common, perhaps.

To the discovery of new things, and with grateful thanks to the thousands of readers out there, both vocal and silent.

Alice xx

And special mention to Totally Booked, who have Access Unlimited on their 2014 list of books that received 4.5 stars. Thank you!

Book Update

IMG_0184Book update.
Just received a fantastic email from a fan/reader/great person with a “desperate request” – they want another book in the Access series! They quoted Tristan to me!
It made me miss that terrible foursome of Lily, Tristan, AC, and Trevor. Very much. I think there will have to be a fourth book at some point.
But – I wanted to explore a different set of characters and situations first, and the next book will hopefully be finished and released around December.
Then…another Access book.
So thank you everyone who has asked for another Access book, and/or any other book! I’m looking forward to revealing the next one, and your emails just make it all worthwhile. Thank you guys!

Much love to you all, you’re all so wonderful. You keep me going.
Alice xxx

Cover Reveal – Access Unlimited


Access Unlimited

They say you never know someone until you take a trip with them. But this isn’t a holiday – this is the comeback tour for Tristan Hunter. His brilliantly crafted debut solo album is getting a lot of attention thanks to Lily Taylor, the music journalist. She’s there to write up the tour, if what goes on backstage can even be printed. One thing she won’t be writing about is her passionate relationship with the star. They want to make it work, but there are a lot of obstacles to romantic bliss on a tour bus.

AC Clark, the guitarist from Tristan’s old band Devised, is also along for the ride. No stranger to excess, AC has a lot of memories about the bad old days, and he’s ready to share. Lily is learning fast what happens on the road, stays there…but some secrets are too big to hide. And Tristan knows the stage will take everything he has – and push him right to the edge. When past and present collide, it might be a crash no one recovers from…

Access Unlimited – update

20131225-075644.jpgHi all – just wanted to give you an update. Really, Access Unlimited has been a journey. It’s been demanding and fascinating, and Tristan as a character continues to intrigue me. He had a few more things to say, and in Tristan fashion, insisted. I can’t argue with him. So, speaking on his behalf, he will be with you very soon and he thinks it’s worth the wait. Thanks to everyone. xxx

Happy New Year!

Thank you everyone for a great year – two “Best of” lists included Access Restricted, and a lot of new readers who have become fans. It’s been great to meet and chat to people – having that connection to people from all over the world is an incredible feeling. Your kind words and support have meant so much to me. I won’t bore you with personal details, but it’s really kept me going through some difficult moments.

I’ve been working hard on Access Unlimited, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you. The continuing adventures of Tristan and Lily – always a little wild…

I wish everyone a happy new year, full of pleasure and the courage to meet your dreams.

Alice xx