Write, resist, repeat

Hello everyone Hola todos Salut à tous in every language, to everyone.

Now as we watch with horror how easy it turned out to be to dismantle an entire system of government, take away rights, and pretend facts are partisan, speaking out is both a risk and a responsibility.

Here, on this page, all are welcome. Love is love.

Resistance and persistence are essential.

I have been wanting to give a brief update. I’m hoping to post more frequently here, get to some of the reviews of bands and musicians that have reached out. Life has been a bit crazy, but as it doesn’t look like calming down anytime soon, I guess there is no time like the present. A short trip out of the city this winter reminded me that the world is a big place, and art doesn’t need a lot, except the space and silence it loves.

The next book is being constructed. Progress. Still on track to have it finished before the summer. Nothing two weeks in a remote cabin wouldn’t help with. So I’ll just have to think about it all on the subway.

Thank you to everyone who has read the books, reviews, and interviews – and are still there.

Take care of yourself, don’t forget to turn off the Twitter feed, and hug those you love.

Going to take advantage of this snow day to work on the real stuff. Ice blizzard! Perfect. Getting seriously windy here, and the sound of the ice crystals hitting the windows, the sound of no cars driving, the sound of nature winning – is just enough and necessary.

Alice x

Will there be more books?

Hello and good evening, or good morning, or whatever wherever. A brief update. I noticed that someone out there was searching for “alice severin will there be more books”, which I thought was very kind. This is especially true considering a lot of people put out books every few months, and it’s been a year since my last one – Access Unlimited.
But a new book with new characters is in the works.
So long story short, as they say – hoping to finish the next one this summer, try for late summer/early fall release.
Even shorter version for the tl/dnf crowd – yes.

Have a brilliant weekend.


Happy New Year and Book Update!

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope 2015 brings us all the space to forget fear, find new connections, and explore our own unique paths. Much love to all of you. It’s a grey day in NYC, but the conversations on the street speak of hope and any attempt to go a different way, even if it’s just trying out the new coffee shop. Another chance.

Now moving on to the next book. Did you forget? Because I didn’t. It’s coming along, and I’m hoping to have it done by spring. It’s not set in the Access world (Tristan! We still love you!) but it has some things in common, perhaps.

To the discovery of new things, and with grateful thanks to the thousands of readers out there, both vocal and silent.

Alice xx

And special mention to Totally Booked, who have Access Unlimited on their 2014 list of books that received 4.5 stars. Thank you!

Book Update

IMG_0184Book update.
Just received a fantastic email from a fan/reader/great person with a “desperate request” – they want another book in the Access series! They quoted Tristan to me!
It made me miss that terrible foursome of Lily, Tristan, AC, and Trevor. Very much. I think there will have to be a fourth book at some point.
But – I wanted to explore a different set of characters and situations first, and the next book will hopefully be finished and released around December.
Then…another Access book.
So thank you everyone who has asked for another Access book, and/or any other book! I’m looking forward to revealing the next one, and your emails just make it all worthwhile. Thank you guys!

Much love to you all, you’re all so wonderful. You keep me going.
Alice xxx

Feels like summer and book update



A picture of the High Line- one of the more interesting architectural resurrections – based on the one in Paris, but a with a distinct NYC feel. Unfortunately, it is never this quiet anymore.

Have started the new book. More than started. Always interesting, watching it unfold…

Alice xx