Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone. Here at the manse I’ve been working with Tristan and Lily. I’m nearly as demanding as Tristan, so there have been a few difficult moments. But I think by tomorrow we should be able to say job well done, and dress up and celebrate with a couple of bottles of champagne and, well, never mind. Apparently I’m not finished yet so it’s a bit early to plan the party. I’ve never been able to refuse that look in his eyes, so I guess I’m back off to the mines.

Have a lovely day, and here’s hoping for a big announcement tomorrow.

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I’ve been just blown away by the fantastic reviews and comments, both on Amazon and on Facebook, as well as here. It’s amazing to see that you are all finding Tristan as irresistible as…a hot guy in leather? No really…it’s fantastic and I’m hard at work pushing to get the sequel released next month.

Please keep reviewing, and if you do contribute to blogs, post the link! Your descriptions are a thing of beauty.

I hear someone cracking the whip…