Book Update

IMG_0184Book update.
Just received a fantastic email from a fan/reader/great person with a “desperate request” – they want another book in the Access series! They quoted Tristan to me!
It made me miss that terrible foursome of Lily, Tristan, AC, and Trevor. Very much. I think there will have to be a fourth book at some point.
But – I wanted to explore a different set of characters and situations first, and the next book will hopefully be finished and released around December.
Then…another Access book.
So thank you everyone who has asked for another Access book, and/or any other book! I’m looking forward to revealing the next one, and your emails just make it all worthwhile. Thank you guys!

Much love to you all, you’re all so wonderful. You keep me going.
Alice xxx

Brave new world…

Good morning readers, and welcome to nearly spring…

…and nearly time for the launch of some new writing.

I’ll be posting some short stories, and keeping you updated on the ebook release of Access All Areas, the first novel of a series about love, obsession, and what happens when you are pushed past your boundaries…