Alice Severin thought she was on to something when her professor, a noted poet and translator, told her that her writing was “considerably above the average.” Sadly, there was no time to pursue it as she became possibly the only person ever asked to leave the school. So she headed to London, where she quickly found like-minded people backstage and behind the scenes in the music business. Ms. Severin has been a delivery driver, a baker, a teacher, a copywriter, and a performance artist, among other things. She now lives in NYC and is working on a new book.
From the author: 
The success of Access All Areas and Access Restricted has really been down to the fantastic readers who saw that the story was not only a love story, but an emotional journey, and took Tristan and Lily to their hearts. To all of you, I can’t thank you enough for your support and thoughtful comments, which have meant more to me than you know.
Access Unlimited has continued Tristan and Lily’s story.  Unconventional, stubborn, and slightly damaged by life, they have a love that breaks boundaries and winds up even stronger. Thank you to all those who wrote to tell me how much they loved the book. I think it’s a complicated little tale – and it was intended to be.
Love Alice xx

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