Pat Mahoney and Dennis McNany

Interview with Pat Mahoney on his new project – Museum of Love

Museum of Love is the musical collaboration of Pat Mahoney (ex LCD Soundsystem) and Dennis McNany. Together, they have created an album that uses electronica to flip back to great classics while creating music that feels brand new. Clever lyrics weave in and around the city beat, part of a sharp, arty atmosphere full of carefully curated sounds. The self-titled new album, Museum of Love, has just been released on DFA, and Northern Transmissions needed to hear about what’s on display in this museum. Alice Severin spoke with Pat Mahoney about the recording process, how lyrics are made, and the wonders of vintage gear.

NT – So this new output has happened not too long after LCD Soundsystem ended. And that was a big thing – with the sold-out tickets and shows.

PM – A giant publicity stunt, yes.

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Taiga - Zola Jesus - review on, Alice Severin

Review of Taiga – Zola Jesus

Zola Jesus is back. Nika has stepped forward once again to remind us of her own vision. Taiga was mixed in Los Angeles with co-producer Dean Hurley who has worked with David Lynch, but the songs were written in the wilderness. Zola Jesus has called them accessible, and in comparison to older songs like Vessel, or Skin, the album does contain those easily recalled moments of fervent energy that are the hallmark of more pop-driven songs.

But if Taiga means the snowforest, and is the largest type of biome on the planet, then this album is maybe looking to merge that vast imagery with the feeling that music is all out there to be explored.

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Iceage band

Interview with Johan Surrballe Wieth from Iceage

Iceage, the Danish post-punk band once singled out by Iggy Pop for praise and recognition, have gone ahead and done the ultimate punk act – they’ve ventured out alone into new territory, not looking behind to see if they’re being judged or followed. The music on the new album Plowing Into The Field Of Love bears witness to a band who, even if they’ve been given a blessing by the man himself, are determined to go their own way. A little like the classic song My Way that was completely owned and remade by the Sex Pistols and Sid Vicious, Iceage have shaken up different genres in the new album. Northern Transmissions had the chance to speak with Johan Surrballe Wieth, the guitarist. Armed with a few words of Danish, Alice Severin ventured across cold time and space to find out the stories behind the new album.

I’m mostly just looking forward to going on tour again and to playing this record to the full. And there are always places that you look forward to going more than other, you know, where you have friends. And we have, by now, collected a few of them and they are scattered all over the continent, so. It should be…what it will be.

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Review of Tyranny – Julian Casablancas and the Voidz


Julian Casablancas said at Coachella that the new music was meant to alienate the right people. If that meant that all those who have been convinced of their need for a succession of shiny happy pop songs to get them to work and who wish for the early days of the Strokes with the same fervor usually reserved for the opening of a new Starbucks nearby, then yes, this album will alienate people.

Or it could provoke the indulgent pat on the back – it’s new, it’s bizarre, well done mate, now where’s the next Strokes album, blah blah blah.

But just listen.

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