Interview with Matt Sharp of The Rentals

The Rentals have just released Lost in Alphaville, their stunning new record. I talked with Matt Sharp about the album.

Northern Transmissions talked to Matt Sharp of The Rentals a few days before the official release of Lost in Alphaville, the first album from The Rentals in…a very long time. From the very start when The Rentals were a side project while he was still in Weezer, Sharp has shown himself to be looking for something more than whatever was in immediate reach. Lost in Alphaville demonstrates that desire to push the boundaries and keep finding something new.

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Book Update

IMG_0184Book update.
Just received a fantastic email from a fan/reader/great person with a “desperate request” – they want another book in the Access series! They quoted Tristan to me!
It made me miss that terrible foursome of Lily, Tristan, AC, and Trevor. Very much. I think there will have to be a fourth book at some point.
But – I wanted to explore a different set of characters and situations first, and the next book will hopefully be finished and released around December.
Then…another Access book.
So thank you everyone who has asked for another Access book, and/or any other book! I’m looking forward to revealing the next one, and your emails just make it all worthwhile. Thank you guys!

Much love to you all, you’re all so wonderful. You keep me going.
Alice xxx

Review of new album by Fat White Family – Champagne Holocaust

Fat White Family pic

Apparently Fat White Family spends a lot of time in a pub in Brixton.

Trying to shock is so common that you would have thought people would get bored. But there are degrees of ability, and you’ve got to admire the ones who manage find a line to cross. It’s a yin/yang thing – the freer we pretend we are, the harder it is to break the rules. Obviously a band who decides a good name is Fat White Family is not afraid of a little controversy. Still, could just be a bit of fun. And they’re bringing it from the UK for a short tour soon, if you’re ready.

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Interview with In the Valley Below

In the Valley Below  pic

Northern Transmissions spoke to Jeffrey Jacob and Angela Gail from In the Valley Below while they were hanging out in their rehearsal space/recording studio in downtown Los Angeles. There’s a bit of advance buzz about the new album, The Belt, which is coming out August 26. The arty video for “Peaches” is racing around the internet. And with a slightly dark image that German Vogue saw fit to immortalize within their pages last winter, the pair that may or may not be together are keeping mystery alive with their retro American Gothic by Grant Wood meets LA look and a lot of chemistry. At the same time, they have a solid grip on the Southern California laid back vibe. Their sound manages to mix it all together, somehow. Alice Severin talked to Jeff and Angela about being inspired by David Lynch and how they create the songs. And making beer.

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Review of New Album – Albumin by Celebration

New review up on Northern Transmissions – Albumin by Celebration

You read a lot of reviews that ask why a band isn’t better known, but really – why isn’t this band better known? Celebration is made up of Katrina Ford on vocals, husband and multi-instrumentalist Sean Antanaitis, and drummer David Bergander, who formed the band back in 2004. They have now added Tony Drummond (keyboards, percussion, backing vocals) and Walker Teret (bass, guitar) as permanent members. Albumin, their newest album, showcases an almost dizzying array of styles.

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