Don’t thank me until you’ve ridden.

I sank back down into the pillows. Cute. Bossy. And pick up. What did that mean? I couldn’t think what to text back. Everything I thought of made me seem either desperate or uninterested. Finally I decided.


Haven’t forgotten. Thanks for the ride.


The reply came back in a flash.


Don’t thank me until you’ve ridden.

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone. Here at the manse I’ve been working with Tristan and Lily. I’m nearly as demanding as Tristan, so there have been a few difficult moments. But I think by tomorrow we should be able to say job well done, and dress up and celebrate with a couple of bottles of champagne and, well, never mind. Apparently I’m not finished yet so it’s a bit early to plan the party. I’ve never been able to refuse that look in his eyes, so I guess I’m back off to the mines.

Have a lovely day, and here’s hoping for a big announcement tomorrow.


I had the good fortune to go see Cyndi Lauper’s Home For The Holidays benefit concert for LGBT homeless youth over the weekend. It was for a great cause – I don’t know why it surprised me to hear that gay youths are 40% of the young homeless population – disproportionally represented, and still at high risk of being thrown out. Insanity. However, a great night, some wonderful performances – Adam Lambert a huge standout. His voice is remarkable. Not only that, I was able to soak in the atmosphere of waiting in the drizzle at midnight to try and catch a glimpse of the stars. Some good inspiration to finish editing the book on.

Christmas is coming…

Christmas is always a fun time of year. I am enjoying spending time by the virtual fire with Tristan, putting up decorations and writing. I wasn’t expecting him to come in but he does look good in the Christmas tea towel, even if it’s a little small. He said he was looking at the new tattoo in the mirror and just needed to cover up a bit. I took a picture and told him I thought it would make a good holiday card, just needed some ribbon. He’s still laughing.