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I was contacted a few days ago by this fantastic blog. They told me they were reading the book, and were going to put up a review. Naturally, I checked out the blog. Impressed, I then had to wait for the verdict! And they loved it! Always a thrill to know the book is winning fans, but it was made an even bigger pleasure by the smart and witty things they had to say. Check it out!

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Reviews of Access All Areas

Now out on Amazon.  http://www.amazon.com/Access-All-Areas-ebook/dp/B0092R05RU/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1346411423&sr=8-5&keywords=access+all+areas

It’s been incredible to read all the comments and reviews. So many of them are thoughtful and personal – speaking about an issue or a detail that meant something more than simply a collection of words on a page. And you’re everywhere – the best part of electronic media is that amazing ability to reach out. So thank you again. Maybe there will be a book tour, and I will get to meet you, and talk about words and ideas in person. That would be pretty fascinating.

If you haven’t yet, and you feel able to share your impressions with a wider group, you could put a review on Amazon – some of the things you’ve shared with me deserve to be out there. I hope you are all writing, because you all have a way with words.


On the plus side, a storm is a break with all we take for granted and a chance to be properly in awe, in the romantic sense of the word, at the power which surrounds us.

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I’ve been just blown away by the fantastic reviews and comments, both on Amazon and on Facebook, as well as here. It’s amazing to see that you are all finding Tristan as irresistible as…a hot guy in leather? No really…it’s fantastic and I’m hard at work pushing to get the sequel released next month.

Please keep reviewing, and if you do contribute to blogs, post the link! Your descriptions are a thing of beauty.

I hear someone cracking the whip…