Mercury Retrograde


Access All Areas is almost ready for release. But having ignored so many suggestions concerning the effects of Mercury Retrograde, I’ve decided to heed the warnings this time. After all, I started writing it New Year’s Day 2010, if my memory and copious notes serve me correctly. And that was after a lot of hemming and hawing and a few attempts before.


So Mercury can chill out, I will too – and start the final edits on Book Two. It seems wise.


Besides, who can think in this heat? Having nostalgia for long ago summers when you could find a clear stream or waterfall and be cold and wild. I’m glad I got to see it, and sad for everyone now who never knew what it was like.

Off to sit in ice.


Soho – the original – and sex toys

An article in the Guardian quotes a pub owner/former dancer in Soho as saying something to the effect of that Soho has always been a place where people could be themselves – from gay men holding hands, now to women buying sex toys.

That’s an interesting idea. Women unable to be themselves, due to fear and repression, and finally reprisals. Then – when offered a place of acceptance, and absence of fear, they expand, express.

There’s something to that.